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" A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves " - Edward R. Murrow

Mark Hoffman

  Mark Hoffman, is the show historian and ensemble cast member. Retired Philadelphia public high school history teacher Mark admits “My passion for educating was challenged when I was required to sign an anti-communist loyalty pledge in order to teach history and civics,” I remember thinking “If ever there is an example of irony!  As someone whose life work is to teach history and civics,  CAT is grateful to provide him a larger classroom.

Pope Clemente VII
Theodor Herzl
Karl Marx
Charles de Gaulle
Fyodor dostoevsky
Brigham Young
Oliver W. Holmes
Woodrow Wilson


Thomas Paine
King Henry II
Judah Benjamin
Mickey Schwermer
A Mark Hoffman Minute
Sextus Julius Frontinus
Charlie chaplin
President Ulysses S. Grant
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